How to find working torrent sites ?

There are various torrent sites active on the internet. The torrent sites are often related to the illegal distribution of copyright material. Be it Movies, music software books or games nearly all stuff are found on internet torrent sites. If you are still unaware of what a torrent is you must look up Wikipedia. A detailed authentic page link is provided here. Source: Torrent – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now, considering that the what is a torrent part of our discussion is over, lets move on further. There are some minimal requirements that you need to download a file of any kind for further use. These are namely

  1. A torrent client or a software that can recognize torrent links, and then can download them
  2. Some manageable space on your hard disk. This space must be ideally more than the size of the file that you are going to download.
  3. A link to download the file. that is the source from where the file will be downloaded on your own machine for a later use.

A torrent client or a software.

A torrent client or software is the software that will be primarily doing all the heavy work of downloading and saving the file. You just need it to provide with a source link for the torrent.

Note : A torrent link is entirely different from an URL 

There are many torrent soft wares available on the internet. The most advanced and prominently used torrent soft wares are :

  1. utorrent the link to download it is here.
  2. Bittorrent is another torrent client and is very simple to use too.It can be downloaded here.

Though there are many other torrent clients available the main focus here is to get you going on downloading the stuff rather than providing you non essential knowledge of the torrent competition.

Next is the space requirement on your hard disk on which you are going to download the required file. Your hard disk must have more space than the size of the file that you are going to download.

At the last you need to have a link from which the torrent software will download the required file. These links are found on torrent sites. Some of the torrent sites prominent on the internet are :

  1. Kickass torrent
  2. Extratorrent
  3. Pirate bay

In many countries the direct urls to these torrent sites have been banned. The government authorities have issued orders to the ISP’s ( another technical term and dont know what it is? Dont worry Click here to read about ISP’s ) to block the urls of these sites.

The workaround to this problem is often done by the way of proxy sites or proxy soft wares. A detailed discussion on proxy site and software is here. The proxy portal which is accessible here can be used to access the torrent sites across the globe. You have various options and links to search for your required files and start downloading.

One things must be noted that the torrent sites do often have copyright material whose distribution without the consent of copyright owner may be a punishable offence in your country or state. Before you decide to start downloading any file from a torrent site you must check with the copyright laws and regulations applicable.

A sample video explaining the whole process is available here.

What is INTERNET ?

According to the most famous dictionaries around the globe the ideal answer to this question is something like

a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols

More detailed information including all the technical words is readily available over the internet. The most updated and believed to be  correct source remains this.

The following video explains the basics of internet in the most easiest way possible.